About us

Luxury Safes Company (LSC) specializes in the search for and acquisition of antique safes, as well as their restoration and refinement.

Our roots and family tradition, as well as our company headquarters are centrally located in eastern Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. We are housed in the 'Kavaliershaus' at Welda Castle. Built between 1734 and 1736, Welda Castle provides a comfortably appropriate atmosphere for LSC, and undoubtedly casts a positive cultural effect on LSC as a whole.

Our 'scouts' have been searching the world over, locating and acquiring these antique, precious safes. LSC, management, its affiliates, and specialists (masters in fitting, carpentry, upholstery and restoration), form the foundationary principles of our reputation, image, and know-how. Further, our luxury safes are to be loved and respected by exclusive customers from all over the world.

Further, a valuable point to consider - one of the most important parts of a safe are the keys. Also considered as being masterpieces of their time, they were the only way to open the safe's very complex, elaborate closing mechanisms.  

As a companion to every luxury safe sold, a high-quality LSC leather key case and key set are included. This extra item not only protects the keys and the safe's surface, but it also distinguishes the owner of the safe as having a luxury LSC safe.