The LSC luxury safes displayed online, as well as the ones in our showrooms, are available for immediate sale. Likewise, the un-restored safes in our warehouse are available to be chosen for restoration. We tailor each safe according to your specific wishes and desires.

It is therefore possible for you as the customer to select an un-restored safe and have it brought back to life - for you personally. These safes are awaiting customer-specific restoration requirements, and waiting for a second life. Further, if you do so desire, we can even search the world over in finding you a specific safe that you want. The search would include your specific requirements, including the safe's age, type, size, etc. We can find it specially for you, and then restore it according to your specific requirements and desire. 

Because each safe is tailored according to your specific needs and specifications, we are able to offer you several individual refinement options. Your options are almost endless. You may wish to add more drawers, install a lighting system, add a watch mover, add a climate control devise for your cigars or mini-bar, and much more. If you want a special option, please let us know, and we make it. Everything is possible - let our craftsmen impress you.

Interested in Customization?

Please contact us at your earliest convenience, and learn about your endless possibilities and options in having your very own marvellous, antique, rare LSC luxury safe.