After restoring these antique safes and re-establishing their beautiful original look, LSC brings these very old safes back to life – 100 or more years of beauty is once again revealed.

Functioning perfectly as they once had done in the past, these works of art – masterpieces – are able to take on the same tasks today as they once had done before, over 100 years ago. Their ability to protect contents from illegal access and theft is still very adequate - it would still be a great feat and complicated for someone to break into them today; requiring a great deal of time and effort to do so. Also, due to the weight of the safes alone, it would be almost impossible for an average burglar to break into a home or business and simply walk away with one. Further, most people today do not keep hoards of cash at home – they deposit it into banks. Important papers are also stored inside banks in safety deposit boxes for safe-keeping.

Our safes can have different uses today. Instead of storing cash and important papers, LSC safes can be used to provide safety and security for more contemporary treasures, which is hallmark for our select, exclusive customers from all around the globe.

    As an example of this, an LSC safe can elegantly store valuable mechanical watches, expensive jewellery, novelties, etc.:
  • Watch collectors and Jewellery lovers will find comfort knowing that their property is safely and securely stored, and in an appropriate environment for these items to be housed – in an exclusively designed LSC antique safe.
  • Entrepreneurs, lawyers, and doctors may also feel confident about having their documents, stamps, seals, and other important items of value resting safely in an LSC luxury safe. Using one of our safes in such a way will light up any office or domain with its bright, glossy elegance, with a look that cannot be ignored by others. It is a way to entertain, and surely way to impress.
  • Cigar lovers und Wine connoisseurs can use our safes as a means to regulate humidity, thus protecting their cigars or they can also rest assured that their rare, expensive wines are safely stored out of harm’s way, and that their mini-bar will continue to impress other wine enthusiasts. In short, guests are marvelled and impressed by these antique safes. In fact, they are addicting to the eye. 
  • From a merchant’s perspective, jewellery stores and other renowned enterprises can use our shiny, unique, antique safes as eye-catchers in their show rooms. Using an LSC safe as a means to display their luxury products, merchants can impress their customers and demonstrate their level of high class.      

Keeping in mind that our safes offer a new generation of protection with newly intended purposes, each safe is individually improved and refined by LSC for our exclusive customers. Depending on each customer’s desire, we can customize each safe to meet the required demand. Such customisation is customer-specific – it may include built-in drawers (where jewellery can be placed), watch-movers, climate control systems, light elements, and any other specialty desired.

Everything is possible. Using only the best materials with the highest level of quality, craftsmanship, and handcrafted art, we will design your safe’s interior to meet your specifications. These modified interiors compliment their old, antique, beautiful exteriors, and create a new kind a safe. In short, it becomes a safe of its own class – a one-of-a-kind.