A guarantee of service and high-quality workmanship, as well as professional, individually tailored consultation accompany each LSC luxury safe.

Service starts with first contact, giving you personalized individual consultation and support. Beginning with your purchase of an LSC luxury safe, and for as long as you possess it, you will belong to the "LSC Owner's Club." From there you have a direct partner, who is there to address all of your needs and desires. 

Also, delivery takes place directly through LSC by qualified, professional personnel. This ensures that these very heavy safes are delivered in the most advantageous way possible. Delivery is also arranged and done in a way to protect your privacy and protection. Once you receive your safe, you will be debriefed and trained with regard to operating the often very complex closing mechanisms of your luxury safe. Further, after sale and delivery, we will still be there to assist you. We can help you with such things as key replacement, further improvement of the wooden or metallic surfaces, additional refinement, or anything else relating to your safe and our relationship together.

We offer special safes for rent and lease

If you are a person or company interested in our beautiful safes for use at a special event, an exhibition, presentation, film production, or other event, please contact us.
We offer special safes for exclusive business clients for rent and lease.