LSC 2006/122 – Antique German two-door Safe from 1880 Back to Overview


Beautiful decorated old German Safe. This safe was built in 1880 from the art-locksmith R. Museholt in Berlin, Germany (Stralauer Street 56) and was acquired from an old rich family clan in Strasbourg, France.

With its rich decoration this antique safe is almost unique in the whole world and undoubtful very rare. The two-door Safe shines in an antique wood look and has a wonderful crown with a royal lion and two decorating turrets. 

The entire luxury furniture piece consists of a wooden cabinet, which offers plenty of storage space, and the actual safe atop made out of steel. All handles, fittings, the open closure mechanism and the wonderful manufacturer’s plates are very unique, expensive and decorated, and created and designed to make this safe a rarity with a high representative character.

Price: on request

Height 180 cm
Width 70 cm
Depth 43 cm
Weight ca. 500 kg