LSC 2009/005 Antique Silverware Safe Back to Overview


LSC found years ago a unique Belgian vault in France. As a tailor made production for a wealthy noble house the safe protected the luxury silverware and served as impressive eye-catcher in the dining room.

After the vault made a long and difficult journey through the war times, the safe was long closed and forgotten. LSC now opened with its specialists the vault without any further damage.

What emerged was an spectacular closing mechanism with golden ornamentations. Even in unrestored condition it already can be imagined what ancient work of art will be here brought back to life.

After years of restoration, the rare antique silverware safe now shines in new splendor and should be put back into use and will be matched with the future wealthy owner. If interested, please contact us.

Price: on request

Height 1,70 cm
Width 1,30 cm
Depth 61 cm
Weight Ca. 250 kg