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“Giesbers Roermond” - Extraordinary, rare, and unique, this antique luxury safe was hand-made by Giesbers Roermond in the Netherlands in the year 1860. 

A natural eye-catcher, the Giesbers Roermond’s exterior is splendidly unique with its natural metallic appearance. The colour of this safe is original – what you see is the original steel – each dark blemish is evidence of its authenticity. 

Because no other safe in the world has the same ‘fingerprint’ as the texture of this safe, it is without doubt a one-of-a-kind. Enhancing the beautiful metallic finish are two hand-crafted key-hole cover emblems in the shade of dark gold, portraying what appears to be court jesters. Between the ornaments are four combination-lock dials. These smooth metallic dials are amazingly original, and still have a magnificent shine and lack of ware, even after 150 years. The Giesbers Roermond also has four beautifully decorated feet and an upper molding.  

Price: on request

Height 106 cm
Width 72 cm
Depth 44 cm
Weight ca. 400 kg