LSC 2006/104 Antique German Safe Back to Overview


Antique German Purcel - Safe. This beautiful piece dates back to approximately 1865, and was manufactured in Magedeburg by Purcel. 

The entire luxury furniture piece consists of a wooden cabinet, which offers plenty of storage space, and the actual safe atop made out of steel but appearing in the antique wood look.

The safe's interior is decorated with beautiful latch work, which also states the manufacturer and origin of the safe. On top of the safes is a beautiful decorated crown accompanied by two little cast iron towers. 

What makes this safe especially interesting is the special 'plugging' key, which is necessary for opening the main door. But to open the heavy main door first the second lock in the middle must be unlocked, so two keys are necessary to come to the treasury.

Reserved - On Display at the La Vin, Beijing, China

Height 175 cm
Width 72 cm
Depth 63 cm
Weight ca. 300 kg