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Antique safe made by the royal art locksmith 'von Berkel zu Gouda' from the Netherlands 

This beautifully restored and very rare safe, made in 1875 by 'van Berkel zu Gouda' in Holland, The Nethelands, handcrafted from iron and steel, was certainly a masterpiece of its time.

The original manufacturer plate, made of cooper, still bears the accentuation of the manufacturer in Holland: "van Berkel zu Gouda Koengl. Hof Schlosser", and thus shows the name of the manufactory, the name of the royal family and the title of royal art locksmith. An honor for the art locksmith master and artists, which only the best manufactories in Europe have received from the royal families, making them equally famous, appreciated and expensive.

Reserved - Currently Exhibited at Restaurant 'La Vin', Beijing, P.R.China  

Height 97 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 50 cm
Weight 180 kg