LSC 2007/007 Antique Safe from Amsterdam Back to Overview


This safe was built in the 1800’s from the artlocksmith by J.A.HARM in Amsterdam, Netherland. 

The safe is very extraordinary and absolute unique in the whole world because of his closing mechanism with the combination lock. Three separate combination dials are needed to unlock the main lock for the key. 

Extraordinary is that the complex closing mechanism and his great hand made details can be seen through a small glass window from the back of the door.

The one-door Safe shines in an antique wood look and has a wonderful appearance with his golden decorating lines, but is, as all safes during this time, still made out of steel. All handles, fittings, the open closure mechanism and the wonderful manufacturer’s plates are very unique, expensive and decorated, and created to make this safe a rarity with a high representative character.

- Sold - New Location: Moscow, Russia 

Width 70 cm
Depth 43 cm