LSC 2011/003 Antique Bauche in cow skin look Back to Overview


This rare antique safe was built around 1860 by the famous safe manufacturer BAUCHE in France.

The small strongbox was already 150 years ago very decorative and was adorned now in a modern way with a beautifully original cow skin which gives the safe an extraordinary and very representative look and is an absolute eye catcher. 

The original manufacture plate proofs the old heritage of the safe and the wrought iron ornaments underline that the safe was not only used to secure valuable items, but also as a status symbol for the rich.  

Two separate shining combination dials made of brass are needed to unlock the main lock for the key. The keyhole itself is hided behind one of the two rosettes. When the door safe opens also the decorative inside of the doors appears and the adorned locking mechanism and golden shining rosette.

Price: on request

Height 62 cm
Width 38 cm
Depth 34 cm
Weight ca. 60 kg