LSC 2013/002 Antique German Wilmking Safe Back to Overview


This exceptional safe comes from the "privileged Morsey'schen pharmacy" in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. The sales room of the pharmacy was redesigned in 1870 to the Neo-Renaissance style, and in course of this modernization also the vault was installed. The safe is made by Wilmking in Gütersloh.

A great feature of this safe is the secret vault locking mechanism that requires three different settings. By rotating two rosettes one rosette skips out of the cross bar, swings down and gives the hidden keyhole free. However, the keyhole is also locked from the inside. To unlock a combination of letters needs to be set and two rosettes need to be pressed to open the bolt. Now the bramah-key can be inserted and the door latch opens with two key turns. Further rotation pulls back the last bolt. The door opens.

With the safes comes an original blueprint which was used to offer the safe in 1870 and still shows the original price of 435 Reichsmark.

Price: No further available

Height 147 cm
Width 59 cm
Depth 60 cm
Weight ca. 450 kg