LSC 2011/002 – “Felix Allard - Paris” – French small Safe Back to Overview


Antique small French safe from 1865.

This rare antique safe was built around 1865 by the esteemed safe manufacturer Felix Allard in Paris, France.

The small strongbox was 145 years ago and is still today a very decorative, and with its impressive metallic adornments, a very representative status symbol of the rich owner. The name of the manufacturer and craftsman Felix Allard, Paris is stamped in the lock and a proof of the antique origin and the long history of the safe and the wrought iron ornaments underline that the safe was not only used to secure valuable items. Two separate shining combination dials made of brass are needed to unlock the main lock for the key. The keyhole then itself is hided behind one of the two rosettes which are adorned each with a beautiful royal lionhead.

Additional to all that, LSC has refined the antique safe with an exclusive Buben & Zoerweg Watch Mover Vantage 2 (

Price: on request

Height 29 cm
Width 44 cm
Depth 34 cm
Weight 32 kg